Shorsh Skies Collection

Shorsh Skies Collection: an enchanting journey into the surreal

Reflecting on the origins of the Shorsh Skies Collection, one of my own favourite series, I recall a warm afternoon at the beach, back in the summer of 2016. As I lay on the sand, gazing at a mesmerizing sunset sky above, the idea struck me: blending different instances of time and space into a single image. I envisioned the outcome as akin to overexposed photography, but I aimed to take it a little bit further imbuing it with otherworldly vibes. I believed the resulting image could transport spectators on a journey to another place and time, outside their known world.

These initial thoughts prompted extensive experimentation with photocomposition, crafting visuals based on several images of skies that I’ve captured in different places and times, all with the intent of transporting viewers to a new place in space and time.

After dedicating considerable time to crafting a comprehensive body of work, a new collection slowly began to take shape. With over 50 pieces to date and ongoing exploration and development within this series, I named it Shorsh Skies, as I felt these images were akin to my own memories, blended and merged within the space of my mind.

Shorsh Skies swiftly evolved into testament of dreams, each piece an invitation to escape the present moment. It’s the art of multi-exposure, aesthetically blending sky images from diverse locations and times in the same space, then enhancing them further in post-production for an added touch of awe. In this spiritual collection of skies, intricate cloud patterns dance in impossible vibrant hues, breathing life into each frame and traversing unique moods throughout the collection. Each piece is interconnected, forming parts of the same cosmogony.

May these skies inspire you to dream beyond the known, where clouds whisper tales of the extraordinary!

The NFT Collection: owning a piece of the ethereal

Back in 2021, amid the COVID Crisis, with a crypto bull run and the hype surrounding NFTs, the Shorsh Skies Collection found a new home on the blockchain as I chose to mint a curated selection of these artworks as NFTs on MakersPlace. This decision aimed to preserve a central part of these unique celestial creations in the digital realm. The collection even earned a featured by MakersPlace as part of their exhibit “A Year of Looking”. However, despite significant sales on other marketplaces where I sold a significant amount of artworks (such as SuperRare or TOKEN Editions), none of these 29 minted pieces have been sold yet.

As the crypto winter of 2022 approached, perceptions about NFTs and the revolution they once represented began to shift due to market saturation, speculation, issues with authenticity, frauds, and scams, among other reasons. Nevertheless, I maintain that Proof of Ownership remains a strong promise of NFTs, and maybe with improved regulation and better conditions, tokenized contracts will hopefully continue to grow and evolve into more trustworthy assets.

You can still check out all the pieces within the Shorsh Skies Collection on MakersPlace here! 🌌✨

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