Free illustration resources to ignite your imagination

FREE illustration resources to ignite your imagination

As an illustrator, surely your toolbox is brimming with potential. But keeping it stocked with the latest and greatest tools can be a challenge. Between software subscriptions, stock photo memberships, and that brush set you just had to have, the cost can add up quickly. So, today we be exploring a vibrant landscape of free illustration resources, specifically designed to empower artists like you, maximizing your creative potential without breaking the bank. is a website that provides reference material to practice drawing human and animal figures, hands, feet and environments. Use the search options to specify your needs. You can also set how long the reference should stay on screen to start the clock and get drawing. is a visual library focused in character design. You’ll find everything from character sheets to concept art, animals and environment. has the largest collection of fully-searchable high definition movie images in the world. an ideal place for inspiration, research, reference and education. Once you find an image that you like, it also shows you the color palette of that image. This is my favorite feature. You can sign up for a 2 week trial, no credit card needed. But if you want completely free alternative to this website, check out The movie data base is smaller, but still fairly decent. a place for royalty-free images & royalty-free stock. With over 4.4 million+ high quality stock images. this website is quite old, but it has a large collection of Photoshop brushes and PSD files. Some brush files (.abr format) might also be used in Procreate. You might need to tweak some values within Procreate’s brush editor to optimize them. is one of my most used tools to generate color palettes. It provide an intuitive set of tools to create and store your color palettes. The free version is fully functional and it also has an app available for iOs and Android. might not classify as an illustration resource it self. Still it’s a fun game that will sharpen your color matching abilities, helping you develop a more discerning eye for color accuracy. is my Gumroad page where you can grab some useful digital art resources and other art related goods that are either free or affordable. Jump in and follow to enjoy every future update!

And that is pretty much it!… From brush sets that mimic traditional media to curated stock photos that spark inspiration, the world of illustration resources is an abundant playground. Anyway, the most valuable tool in your arsenal is indeed your own creativity. These free illustration resources are here just to enhance your workflow, ignite your imagination, and help you bring your visions to life. Dive in, explore, and keep that creative spark burning bright!






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